Monday, July 25, 2011

Have a Chance to be Featured in KOTSEBOOK.COM

In line with Pink Magaline's giveaway, I want to introduce to you....

a site where you can buy and sell vehicles.

There are lots of companies now  buying and selling cars, but most of the time, people are looking for a safer one. Everybody wants to have a good car even if it's only second hand vehicle right? So before buying we are really canvasing first and asking some of our friends where to buy safely or where we could get a Philippine second hand  cars yet in good condition car. And kostebook is a good site example.
I myself wanted to buy a car and second hand is good for me, I don't like a sedan, I wanted a vehicle that I can fit all my family's stuff. My husband has a Mistubishi Outlander Sports already so I want a big one for travel. I guess I will go for Pajero :)

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  1. My tama ka dyan sis! Added 10 points sayo to! Manalo ka sana sa random drawing!! :D


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