Monday, June 13, 2011

One Proud Momma Blog Anniversary Contest (June 15th)

Another fabulous GIVEAWAY I am longing to win!!!!

Eeidhra of One Proud Mama is celebrating her blogs  first year anniversary! She will be giving the MAJOR prizes to the TOP 4 participants who garnered the most entries while minor consolation prizes will be drawn using or she'll let her kids pick out from the fish bowl (1 item per winner) which is also I am going to do with my giveaways coz that's more fun! :D
Check out the PRIZES!!!

The Prizes
(MIGHT be updated for additional items)
Major, Major Prizes
Blog Contest Blog Contest
Tory Burch Bags
Blog Contest Blog Contest
Cartier Bags
Minor, Minor Prizes: (I’m loving this,lol)
Blog Contest Blog Contest
Furano Mango Tops by November
Blog Contest Blog Contest
Furano Top and Assorted Perfumes
Consolation Prizes:
Blog Contest 
San San Make-up


Thank You to all SPONSORS
You might wanna join too until it was extended!!!
 Here's what you will do to win....
The Mechanics:
  • Create a BUZZ about this awesome contest. You can blog about it as many times as you want provided that only ONE POST PER BLOG and NO COPY/PASTE please but the sponsors’ list. This is to ensure that all participants will work on their posts using their own words and so as to avoid getting flagged for duplicate content.  FB Notes are not allowed for some secret purpose,lol.  (5 raffle entries )
  • Sponsors’ List MUST be included in your blog posts. You can copy/paste the list (only this list). All links MUST be DOFOLLOW and CORRECT. If you don’t know how to make it as DF, you may check out my instructions HERE.
  • LIKE my FB Pages below: ( 1 raffle entry each )
  • Make Money Online and Beyond * One Proud Momma * Samut-Sari * Foodies Galore * Earn Dollars Pinoy! * What’s UP?! * Chizmiz to the Max
  • SUBSCRIBE TO MY FEEDS VIA EMAIL. Make sure that you click on the confirmation link. ( 1 RAFFLE ENTRY Each )


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