Monday, June 20, 2011

When Life Gives You O.J. Kids Book Giveaway (ends )

I am entering another giveaway of Busy Working Mama

Depending on your child, the phrase "summer reading" can bring about two responses -- an enthusiastic "yes!" or a dejected "do I have to?".  When Life Gives You O.J. -- just selected by Amazon as a Best Book of the Month in June -- is a book that all kids (girls AND boys!) ages 8-12 will want to take with them this summer on that long drive or plane ride or have included in their summer camp care package. Believable characters, a hefty dose of humor and a fast-paced, age-appropriate storyline makes O.J. a winner with both kids AND their parents.
Called a "warm novel about family, friendship, and fitting in" by Publisher's Weekly, When Life Gives You O.J. is about a girl named Zelly who is miserable because she had to move from New York, where she felt she fit in, to Vermont, where her frizzy hair and crazy jewish family and makes her feel like an outsider. Like most kids, almost-eleven-year-old Zelly Fried desperately wants a dog. Unlike most kids, Zelly has a very unusual grandfather named Ace. So when Zelly begs for a dog, Ace intervenes and Zelly ends up with O.J. instead. Who is definitely not a dog. What’s O.J.? O.J. is a “practice dog” made from an old plastic orange juice jug with a dog’s face drawn on the side. Now Zelly’s not just the new girl or just the weird new girl (tongue sandwich for lunch, anyone?) -- she’s dangerously close to becoming the weird new girl who walks around dragging a dumb old plastic jug, her “practice dog.” Is Ace’s plan so crazy it just might work, or is it just plain – as Ace would say – meshugge? 
Critically acclaimed, but not stuffy or boring in the least, Booklist describes Zelly as a "sympathetic, believably flawed character" and goes on to say (spoiler alert!!) that, "In the end, Zelly’s triumph isn’t the dog sheeventually gains, but the steps she takes to reach him." And keep your eye out -- the sequel to OJ -- Aces Wild -- is due out September 2012! 
You can check out the the book trailer for When Life Gives You O.J., and also visit Erica's blog.
Quench your kid's thirst for a good summer read and reach for OJ -- When Life Gives you O.J., that is. :)

Hope to win!! Goodluck to me! 

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