Monday, June 6, 2011

TNT's Hit Show Numbers Is My Favorite

Guest post by Ronny Mccullough
TNT is my favorite premium channel to watch on This is because they have many of my favorite shows including Numbers. Since I am a math major, I get a thrill at watching the show and seeing how they relate everything to mathematical equations whne solving cases. It is so insrpiring for me as I want to be an engineer some day. It also proves that anything can be broken ! down into a mathematical equation at some point. I make it my business to never miss an episode and my friends think that I am crazy. Call me crazy, but this show can teach you a lot. The abstract approach they use at solving crimes makes me wonder if this really goes on in the crime solving dept. of law enforcements. Maybe I could get a job there, solving crimes the same way that they do on the show. Those writer must be mathematicians themselves, to have come up with such witty material as they do. It sure keeps me tuned in week after week. I especially love the character Judd Hirsch. I remeber him most from the t.v. show Dear John from the 80's, but his role in Numbers is completely different and he plays it well. I sure hope that this show stays around for years to come.

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